About Us


Your Individual Treatment Plan and Program

our-vision.pngWe are able to provide excellence in care by making sure all of our patients have the individual service they need and deserve. We make sure that anyone who walks through the doors is given personal and attentive service—from the front desk to the treatment rooms. Your care is always geared toward your needs, and we customize our treatment programs specifically for you. Our goal is to help our patients become healthier and free of pain as quickly as possible.

Our Patients

Chiropractic is for everyone, and we understand the unique needs of women as well as men, children and seniors. Our patients will tell you that the doctors at Grafton Chiropractic treat them with true compassion and genuine care, and are genuinely invested in helping them achieve an enhanced state of well-being.

We Understand

You can’t always predict when you will be in pain, and we know that sometimes our patients require immediate care. Our pledge to you—we will always make room for those in need, no matter the day or time.

We are also mindful of expenses, and do everything to keep our fees reasonable and get our patients back into good health as soon as possible.